Temet Nosce - Therapy AMO-EMA


EMA / AMO™ is a new technique of eye movements of liberation and actualization of potential, which accompanies the patient in his desire for change by using his untapped inner resources. It makes it possible to replace obsolete patterns and install new helping behaviors.

An innovative approach

EMA / AMO™ creates a link between NLP and hypnosis. It is tailor-made for coaching as it contains a set of techniques and protocols geared towards the development of strengths and resources. The goal is to stimulate the activation of the potential necessary to achieve a goal.

Its application

In practice, it activates beneficial neural networks and generates news, attitudes, new thoughts and new behaviors in order to:

  • Achieve objectives
  • Neutralize limiting beliefs and set up beneficial beliefs
  • Resolve your relationship conflicts
  • Modify emotions and psychological blockages reflecting on behavior


One-time treatment

(Not reimbursable by health insurance)


CHF 130.-

One-time treatment for couples

(Not reimbursable by health insurance)


CHF 150.-