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    Achieving a balance towards wellness

    To know oneself is to know how to place one's limits, take care of oneself and take the time to re-energize.

  • Temet Nosce - Serenity

    A time for oneself


    Whether for professional or private purposes, each of our participants acquires new tools within their training for their own evolution.


  • Temet Nosce - Formation professionnelle en hypnose
    • Formation

    Formation professionnelle en hypnose

    Nouvelle volée de la formation FPH diplômante et agrée par l'ASCA. Démarrage de la formation le 7 décembre 2019. Pour plus de renseignement, veuillez nous contacter directement.
  • Temet Nosce - Formation SleepTalk
    • Formation

    Formation SleepTalk®

    Encore quelques place disponible pour la nouvelle session de SleepTalk®

Temet Nosce - Well-being
On the road to well-being

Temet Nosce center

Un lieu de formation et de thérapie

Our wellness and prevention centre combines several alternative medicines to create personalized treatments.

Through therapies and trainings we offer, our goal is to help you to use your inner strength to regain your balance.

Alternative medicines at the service of well-being

  • Temet Nosce - Therapy Hypnosis


    Hypnosis is a state of modified consciousness in which the person is receptive. With this practice it makes possible to transmit the resources from the unconscious to the conscious.
  • Temet Nosce - Therapy AMO-EMA


    AMO-EMA ™ is an innovative eye movement technique. With its permissive and patient-friendly application, it activates beneficial neural networks and generates new behaviours.
  • Temet Nosce - Therapy Sleeptalk


    The SleepTalk® is a technique we teach to parents to help children from 1 to 11 years old. It allows children to build themselves on solid foundations. Children reach a well-being and evolve positively.
  • Temet Nosce - Therapy PNL


    NLP is a behavioural and cognitive technique that is more interested in "how" than "why". It is about reprogramming our brain to overcome obstruction and anxiety.
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  • Catia, on 07 March 2017
    Depuis quelque temps, mon fils avait de grandes peurs, un manque de confiance en lui et une sensibilité incontrôlable (souvent en fin de journée).

    Nous ne savions plus quoi faire… voir un psychologue ? comme tout le monde…

    Grâce aux bons conseils de mon pédiatre, j'ai pris contact avec Maha. Nous avons mis en place le Sleep Talk.

    Résultat : EXTRAORDINAIRE !! après 5 semaines nous avons aperçu des changements, c'est inexplicable et incroyable.

    Un grand merci à Maha pour son grand professionnalisme.

Complete trainings

We train therapists and healthcare workers in alternative medicine leading to a degree course.

Throughout the year, we organize discovery workshops, open to everyone.

A customized support


We follow our patients to help them manage with many different pathologies (anxiety, smoking, various disorders, allergies ...)

Our goal is to allow them to use their inner strength to find balance and well-being.