Our training methodology

About our school

Temet Nosce, Swiss School of Therapeutic and Medical Hypnosis offers diploma and certification training for professional practice, continuing training as well as training for personal development or enrichment.

They are given by competent and dynamic trainers using active methods and offer professional educational support in groups with a human dimension.

Temet Nosce - Active methods

Why train at Temet Nosce?

Ease of learning thanks to active methods based on accessible discovery pedagogy and adapted to participants.

Each student is supervised in his didactic progress & nbsp; to transfer his knowledge into his practice. We focus on a limited number of participants for each training in order to optimize quality teaching.

Tailor-made training

Tailor-made training

Would you like to take training or obtain more information? A team is there to help you guide you through a complete training course. Among these, you will find in particular: