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Therapies to regain balance in your life

What is hypnosis

Temet Nosce, Swiss School of Therapeutic and Medical Hypnosis, accompanies everyone (adults, adolescents or children) who at a given time, need help to overcome difficulties in life or with certain pathologies.

Why call on therapeutic hypnosis ?

In our ever more demanding daily life, human beings often neglect their well-being due to the challenges of life, be it professional, social or financial. This often leads to further difficulties.

These constraints and difficulties can generate many symptoms such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, loss of self-confidence, weight gain, chronic pain or addictions and have repercussions on our mental and physical balance.

Therapeutic hypnosis allows for in-depth work on the very causes of these symptoms and imbalances and gives us tools that will allow us to become independent. Thanks to this, you learn to know yourself better, to set your limits, take care of yourself and take the time to regain balance in your life.

Hypnosis therapeutic applications

The therapies we provide

  • Temet Nosce - Therapy Hypnosis


    Hypnosis is a state of modified consciousness in which the person is receptive. With this practice it is possible to transmit the resources from the unconscious to the conscious.
  • Temet Nosce - Therapy Goulding Method

    Goulding Method®

    The Goulding Method® is a technique we teach to parents to help children from 1 to 11 years old. It allows children to build themselves on solid foundations. Children reach a well-being and evolve positively.
  • Temet Nosce - Therapy NLP

    Neuro Linguistic Programming

    NLP is a behavioural and cognitive technique that is more interested in "how" than "why". It is about reprogramming our brain to overcome obstruction and anxiety.
  • Temet Nosce - Therapy MOHI®


    The MOHI® technique is inspired by NLP hypnosis and eye movement processes to activate the patient's fullness and overcome emotional wounds.
  • Constellations familiales

    Les constellations familiales

    Les constellations familiales fonctionnent en utilisant une approche systémique et met l'accent s