E c o l e S u i s s e d H y p n o s e T h é r a p e u t i q u e & M é d i c a l e T h é r a p i e s C o r p o r a t e
Temet Nosce - The centre

Temet Nosce, Ecole Suisse d’Hypnose Thérapeutique et Médical Sarl

A therapy center and a hypnosis school on a human scale


Temet Nosce, Temet Nosce, Ecole Suisse d’Hypnose Thérapeutique et Médical Sarl, is not only a center offering multidisciplinary therapies (Hypnosis, Sleeptalk®, PNL, AMO-EMO) but also a hypnosis school providing training leading to and certified ASCA as well as many other trainings and workshops.


Based in Geneva since 2008, it is made up of a team of competent and benevolent hypnotherapists who welcome you 7 days a week and of committed and dynamic trainers.


We do everything we can to welcome you in a benevolent and reassuring atmosphere and to offer you professional and human-sized educational support.

A team available and at your disposal

Temet Nosce - Know Thyself

The centre

Temet Nosce means "Know Thyself"

In our daily life, human beings forget themselves in favor of the constraints of life, , whether professional, social or financial. Some symptoms indicative of discomfort, fatigue, stress or anxiety can therefore appear and become a hindrance or handicap in our daily life or in our relationships with others.

Knowing yourself is knowing how to place your limits, take care of yourself and take the time to recharge your batteries. As soon as you know yourself, new perspectives open up and anything becomes possible.

Temet Nosce, Ecole Suisse d'Hypnose Thérapeutique et Médicale Sarl, was born from this principle: to know oneself in order to achieve physical and mental balance.

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    Partenariat avec Temet-Nosce dans le domaine de la formation thérapeutique