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    Therapies to regain balance

    Temet Nosce accompanies everyone who, at a given moment, need help to overcome the difficulties of life, or to face certain diagnostics.

    Depending on your needs, individual, couple or family therapy will be offered.

Latest therapy news

  • L'impact du stress sur la santé, les solutions proposées avec l'hypnose - 5ème partie : La plasticité neuronale
    Thu 03.10.2019 de 18:30 à 20:00
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    L'impact du stress sur la santé, les solutions proposées avec l'hypnose - 5ème partie : La plasticité neuronale

    Cinquième partie de la conférence "L'impact du stress sur la santé - Les solution proposée par l'hypnose" qui a eu lieu le 3 octobre 2019 au Museum de Genève.

  • Sortie du Livre: Stress et Hypnose par Maha Lahode
    Thu 07.11.2019
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    Sortie du Livre: Stress et Hypnose par Maha Lahode

    Le stress chronique engendre de nombreux déséquilibres dans notre corps et affecte ainsi notre bien-être.

Temet Nosce - Session

Our therapies to help you cope with everyday life

Why call on Temet Nosce

After a detailed interview, we are able to offer you a personalized treatment plan trailored to your needs. The center offers multidisciplinary approaches with the collaboration of organizations, doctors, caregivers, therapists and educational institutions to deploy a network of care and best supervise the patient.

The most common pathologies

Indications thérapies

Discover our therapeutical methods

Our current therapies includes therapeutical and medical hypnosis, eye movements (AMO-EMA™), Sleeptalk®, neuro-linguistic programming adapted for children, adolescents and adults.

The therapies we provide

  • Temet Nosce - Therapy Hypnosis


    Hypnosis is a state of modified consciousness in which the person is receptive. With this practice it makes possible to transmit the resources from the unconscious to the conscious.
  • Temet Nosce - Therapy AMO-EMA


    AMO-EMA ™ is an innovative eye movement technique. With its permissive and patient-friendly application, it activates beneficial neural networks and generates new behaviours.
  • Temet Nosce - Therapy Sleeptalk


    The SleepTalk® is a technique we teach to parents to help children from 1 to 11 years old. It allows children to build themselves on solid foundations. Children reach a well-being and evolve positively.
  • Temet Nosce - Therapy PNL


    NLP is a behavioural and cognitive technique that is more interested in "how" than "why". It is about reprogramming our brain to overcome obstruction and anxiety.

A specific request

You wish to follow a training, be accompanied to overcome a difficult moment, or simply have more information.

It's simple, our team is available to help you and facilitate your efforts.


Complete trainings

We train therapists and healthcare workers in alternative medicine leading to a degree course.

Throughout the year, we organize discovery workshops, open to everyone.